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General Information on Undernutrition

Undernutrition is when a person is not getting enough calories or one or more essential nutrients. It is a calorie deficiency, and often times when a person is not getting enough calories, their bodies are also lacking essential vitamins and minerals. Undernutrition is most common in the poor, the homeless, the elderly, and in people with psychiatric disorders.

Symptoms of Undernutrition

Symptoms may include:
Loss of body fat
Hollow cheeks
Sunken eyes
Protruding bones
Cold and pale skin
Dry skin
Dry hair
Hair loss
Loss of appetite
Slow behavioral development- in children
Mental retardation- in children

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Treatments For Undernutrition

Most of the time doctors can diagnose undernutrition based on the personís symptoms and appearance. To confirm diagnosis, blood tests may be performed. These tests measure the level of albumin, which is low in people who donít consume enough protein. A full physical exam is given to determine the effects of undernutrition. Treatment involves slowly increasing calories in the personís diet. For severe cases of undernutrition, food may be given intravenously.

Personal Experience

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Undernutrition - personal experiences

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