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  Red Blotchy Face
  Muscle Cramps All Over
  Burning Sensation
  Stomach Cramps,sore Neck,sore Throat,slight Fever
  Severe Head Pain
  Premenstrual Genital Discomfort
  Lack Of Menstrual Period
  Joint Pain Edema
  Abdominal Pain-left Side
  Sudden Block Ears, Air Buzzing Sound For 2 To 3 Seconds
  Penis Burning At Tip
  Vaginal Bleeding In Between Periods
  Sore Breast
  Achy Legs And Knees, And Neck, Stomach Pain, Headache And On And Off Sweating
  Chest Pain After Drinking Aerated Drinks And Also On Eating Salt
  Facial Numbness
  38 Days Between Periods Passed Big Blood Clot And Heavy Painful Bleeding Since Passing Clot
  Vaginal Discharge
  Bump Under Breast
  Pelvic Pain, Vaginal Discharge, Fatigue, Nausea, Upper Right Abdominal Pain, Dizziness, Tiredness
  Feeling Of Vomiting And Belching
  Chest Pain
  Extreme Tiredness
  Severe, Painful Head Rush.
  Eyes Irretated
  Sore Ankles And Chins ,bursts Of Pain
  Night Coughing In My 10months Old Baby
  Stiff Joints
  Blisters And Slight Rash Between Groin
  Swelling Of Upper Torso
  Vaginal Bleeding
  Tired, Ichy
  Neck Pain
  Shortness Of Breath, Repreated Tieredness, Pain In Left Shoulder, Neck And Breast Area,,
  Bad Pain In Lower Left Side
  Achy Legs
  Dull Ache On My Left Side Below Rib Cage
  Chest Pain
  Joint Pain And Swelling
  Blurred Vision
  Head Twinges
  Head Goes Fuzzy For A Short Time On A Regula Basis
  Chronic Diarrhea
  Urinating Frequently
  Soreness Aches Ineyes Looking Side To Side -
  Lower Left Pelvic Pain
  Throwing Up After Eating.
  Long Menstrel Cycle
  Swelling And Bumps On Skin Of Finger
  Black Patches On The Gums
  Body Pain
  Joint Pain
  Pain In Pelvic Area
  Butning Sensation In A Small Area To The Left Of The Navel.
  Electric Shock Sensation
  Heel Of The Left Numbness
  Tiny Painful Lump Under Skin On Lower Leg
  Vaginal Lump
  Problems Urinating
  Chronic Pain
  Aching Pain Left Side Of Face
  Lightheaded,off Balance
  Extreme Fatique
  Uterus Pain
  Bottom Of Feet Hurt When First Standing Up Muscle In Back Of Ankles Sore

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