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Back Of The Throat - Itching
Back Pain
Back Stiffness
Backward Flow Of Stomach Contents Into The Throat And Mouth
Bad Breath
Barking Cough
Bed Wetting
Being Angry And Resentful
Belching Or Burping
Big Toe May Point Inward Towards The Other 4 Toes
Binge Eating
Bite Marks
Black Stool (caused By Stomach Bleeding)
Black Tarry Stools
Black-and-blue Around Eyes
Blackened Skin
Blaming Other For Their Mistakes
Bleeding Beneath Skin
Bleeding - Penis
Bleeding After Intercourse
Bleeding From The Ear
Bleeding Gums
Bleeding In The Digestive Tract
Bleeding Lesion
Bleeding Longer Than Normal
Bleeding Lump - Mouth
Bleeding Under The Skin
Bleeding Under The Skin - Ankle
Blind Spots
Blink Eyes Repeatedly
Blisters Or Sores Located Within The Lining Of The Throat And Mouth
Blocked Or Inflammation Of The Airways
Blood Discharge From The Rectum
Blood In Semen
Blood In Stool
Blood In Stools - Infants
Blood On The Stool
Blood On Toilet Paper After Wiping
Blood-filled Blisters
Bloody Discharge In Nipple
Bloody Eyelids
Bloody Or Clear Fluid Released From The Nose, Mouth, Or Ear
Bloody Urine
Blue Discoloration Around Mouth
Blue Skin While Coughing More So In Children And Infants
Bluish Colored Nails
Bluish Skin Tone
Blurred Vision
Blushing Or Flushing Of The Face
Body Aches - Muscles
Body Feels Hot - Infants
Body Odor
Body Temperature Above 100 F
Bone Deformities
Bone Fractures That Occur Easily
Bone Pain
Bone Tenderness
Bowel Movements That Occur In Pants Or In Other Inappropriate Places
Bowel Sounds That You Can Hear
Breast Discomfort
Breast Disfigurement
Breast Enlargement
Breast Milk Or Formula Returning Up Through The Mouth During / After Feedings - Infants
Breast Milk Production - Female Or Male
Breast Pain
Breast Tenderness
Breathing Difficulties
Breathing Stops
Breathing Stops Between Ten Seconds To A Minute Long
Bright Red Areas On Skin
Bright-red Tonsils
Brittle Hair
Broad Flat Face With A Short Nose
Broken Bones
Brown Discoloration Of The Urine
Brown Irregular Patches Found On The Face
Brown Irregular Patches Found On The Forearms
Brown, Scaly Skin
Bruises On Arms
Bruises On Buttock
Bruises On Feet
Bruises On Hands
Bruises On Legs
Bruising Around The Eyes
Bruising Easily
Bruising Of Skin Behind Ear
Bruising Of The Wrist
Bulging Eyes
Bulky Stool
Bump On Skin Bleeds Easily When Injured Or Agitated
Bump Under The Skin With Sharp Edges That Are Soft, Flat, And Yellowish
Bumps Clustered In Ringed Groups
Bumps Do Not Evoke Pain Or Skin Irritation
Bumps May Appear Brown, Scarlet, Or Blueish-black In Color
Bumps On Skin- White Or Flesh-colored
Bumps Or Skin Eruptions That Appear Throughout The Entire Body
Burning Eyes
Burning Feeling - Foot
Burning Of The Esophagus And Throat
Burning Or Tingling Sensation - Toes
Burning Or Tingling Sensation - Fingers
Burning Pain Located In The Center Chest And Upper, Center Abdomen
Burning Sensation During Urination
Burning Sensation In Chest
Burning Sensation In Mouth
Burning Sensation In The Stomach
Burning Sensation In The Upper Abdomen
Burning Sensation When Urinating
Burning Sensations - Hand
Burning Sensations - Skin
Burrow Marks Typically Found In The Folds Of Skin
Buttocks Pain

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