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Calf Pain
Center Of The Individual Patches May Appear Lighter Than Their Outer Rings
Central Nervous System Dysfunction
Change In Eye Color – Each Eye May Be A Different Color
Change In Mental And Behavioral State
Change In The Color Of The Tooth
Change In The Color Of Urine
Change Of Color In The Eyes
Change Or Alteration In Mole
Changes In Appetite
Changes In Hair
Changes In Hearing
Changes In Menstrual Cycle
Changes In Mental Status
Changes In Mood
Changes In Sleeping And Eating Habits
Changes In Sleeping And Eating Habits - Infants
Changes In Smell
Changes In Urination
Chattering Teeth
Chest Discomfort With Cough
Chest Pain
Chest Pain (worsens With Cough And Heavy Breathing)
Chest Pain That Increases With Movement
Chest Tightness
Chewed Inside Of The Cheek
Chokes (severe Breathing Difficulty)
Choking Sensation
Chorea – Uncontrolled Movement Of The Arms And Legs
Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Diarrhea
Chronic Pain With No General Cause
Chronic Stuffy Nose
Chronic Writer’s Cramp
Clammy Skin
Clay-colored Stools
Clear Fluid Draining From The Ear
Cleft Lip
Cleft Palate
Clicking Or Popping Sensation When Moving The Finger
Clicking Sound In The Ears
Clouding Of The Cornea
Cloudy Urine
Clumsy Movements
Clusters Of Small Fluid Filled Blisters (surrounded By Small Area Of Red)
Cold And Bluish Limbs
Cold Clammy Hands
Cold Fingers
Cold Toes
Coldness, Blue Discolorations, And Swelling The Hands And/or Fingers
Collapse Of Different Areas Of The Lungs
Color Abnormalities Of The Skin In The Surrounding Fistula
Complete Or Partial Loss Of The Sense Of Smell
Confusion - Post Seizure
Consciousness During The Seizure
Constricted Pupils
Cough That Produces Little To No Sputum
Cough With Sputum
Cough Without Sputum
Coughing - Typically Accompanied By Mucus, Phlegm, Or Blood Mixed Into The Saliva
Coughing Fits Followed By A Whoop Sound Upon A Deep Breath Afterwards
Coughing Up Blood
Coughing – Commonly Accompanied With By A Dark Reddish Brown Sputum
Crackling Of Skin
Cracks In The Corners Of The Mouth
Cradle Cap – In Infants
Cramping In The Feet
Cramping Pain In The Lower Left Abdomen
Crawling Sensation In The Legs
Crooked Shaped Nose
Crossed Eyes
Crying - Infants
Crying With No Apparent Cause - Baby
Crying Without Tears - Infants
Cysts Or Lesions May Spread To Vulva, Buttocks, Etc...

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