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Damaged Blood Vessels
Dark Patches Of Skin
Dark Urine
Daytime Fatigue Or Tiredness
Death During Sleep - Baby
Decreased Fetal Growth
Decreased Fetal Movement
Decreased Libido
Decreased Mental Function
Decreased Sex Drive
Decreased Urination
Decreased Vision
Deep Sores On Skin
Deformation Of The Ear
Deformation Of The Hip
Deformed And Thick Nails
Deformity Of The Wrist
Delayed Growth Of The Head
Delayed Mental Skills
Delayed Puberty
Delayed Social Skills
Delayed To Non-commencing Of Menstruation Cycle In Women
Delusions (irrational Beliefs)
Denial Of The Stressor Or Denial Of Its Negative Impact
Dental Deformities
Dentures Don't Fit
Depressed Mood
Development Of A Single, Small Skin Eruption
Diaper Rash In Infants
Difficulties Swallowing
Difficulty Breathing Through The Nose
Difficulty Breathing While At Rest
Difficulty Closing One Eye
Difficulty Falling Asleep
Difficulty Hearing High Tones
Difficulty Hearing In A Crowd Or With Background Noise
Difficulty Learning
Difficulty Moving The Neck
Difficulty Moving Toe
Difficulty Or Inability To Produce Breast Milk/breast-feed
Difficulty Performing Simple Tasks
Difficulty Performing Tasks
Difficulty Pinching-using The Thumb And Index Finger
Difficulty Seeing Things Close Up
Difficulty Sleeping
Difficulty Speaking
Difficulty To Stay Warm
Difficulty Understanding Speech
Difficulty Urinating
Difficulty Walking
Digestion Complications
Digestive Problems, Poor Absorption Of Enzymes And Minerals
Diminished Ability To Produce Sex Cells Either Sperm Or Eggs
Dimpled Skin Near Breast
Discharge From The Penis
Discomfort When Sitting
Disordered Speech Patterns
Disorganized Thoughts
Displaying Little To No Emotion
Distant Objects Appear To Be Blurry
Distended Veins In The Neck Area
Dome Shaped Lumps - Located On The Trunk, Neck, Back, Arms, Or Upper Thigh
Double Vision
Drooling - Infants
Drooling On One Side Of Mouth
Droopy Eyelids
Drop In Body Temperature
Dry Cough
Dry Eyes
Dry Hair
Dry Mouth
Dry Skin
Dry Skin On The Palms
Dry Stools - Infants
Dull, Boring Pain The Temple On One Side That Spreads To The Entire Side Of The Head
Dulled Colors

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