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Facial Pain
Facial Paralysis
Failure To Go Through, Or Finish Going Through, Puberty
Failure To Pass A Stool
Failure To Pass Gas
Failure To Recognize Family And Familiar People
Falling Asleep While Driving, Working, Talking Etc...
Fast Or Irregular Heart Beat
Fear Of Dying
Fear Of Going Crazy Or Of Losing Control
Fear Of Men
Fear Or Emotional Distress During Sexual Intercourse
Fearful Or Despondent About The Future
Feeling Anxious
Feeling Emotionally Drained Or Numb
Feeling Full Quickly While Eating
Feeling Like You Still Need To Go After Bowel Movement Is Complete
Feeling No Sense Of Guilt- If The Child Has Done Something Seriously Wrong
Feeling Of Fullness In The Scrotum
Feeling Of Something In Your Eye
Feeling Sluggish
Feeling The Need To Sleep In Propped Up Position
Feelings Of Doom
Feelings Of Guilt Or Anger
Feelings Of Hopelessness
Feelings Of Nervousness
Feelings Of Sadness
Feelings Of Shame
Feelings Of Strangeness Or Detachment From The Environment
Feelings Of Worthlessness And Helplessness
Female Hair Growth On The Chest, Back, And Face
Fever - Severe
Fewer Than Three Bowel Movements A Week
Finger Catches Or Locks In The Bent Position
Finger Stiffness
Firm Swelling On Testicle
Firm Tissue Mass Appears After Bowel Movements
Flat Or Elevated Skin Leison
Flat Red Rash That Covers Most Of The Body And Looks Similar To Sunburn
Flat Skin Lesions That Are Light Brown To Black In Color In Areas That Are Exposed To Sun
Flat, Red Rash (appears About 3 To 5 Days After A Fever)
Flat, Red Rash - Groin - Between The Toes And Fingers - Under Breast - Skin Folds
Flattened Pelvic Bones - Infants
Flesh Colored Bumps-1/2 To 2 Inches Across
Flesh-colored Growth With A Crusted Or Scaly Indent In The Center
Flu-like Symptoms
Fluid Accumulation In The Middle Ear
Fluid Build Up Located Beneath The Thickened Skin On Foot
Fluid In Abdomen
Fluid In Cough
Fluid Retention
Fluid-filled Blister On Lip
Flush Face - Baby
Fluttering In The Chest
Foam When Urinating
Foamy Deposits On Whites Of Eyes
Foggy Memory
Food May Feel As Though Its Stuck In The Throat
Foot Blisters
Foot Pain
Forced Return Of Food After Feedings - Infants
Formation Of A Small, Movable, “non-tender” Nodule
Foul Discharge - Skin
Foul Or Rank Stools
Foul Smelling Discharge
Foul-smelling Urine
Frequent And Persistent Urge To Urinate
Frequent Bowel Movements
Frequent Infections
Frequent Loose, Watery Stools During Or Immediately After Intense Exercise
Frequent Urination
Full Of Energy
Fullness Of The Rectum Or Bowels

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