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Hair Loss
Hair Loss Around The Immediate Location Of A Rash
Hair Loss On Lower Legs, Feet, And Toes
Haloed Or Blurred Lights
Hand Cramps
Hand Numbness
Hard Lump Or Growth In Upper Right Abdomen
Hard Nodule Felt In The Urethra
Hard Stools - Infants
Hard, Dry Or Lumpy Stools
Hardness In Breast(s)
Hardness Of Stool
Having Tantrums When Separated From Their Parents Or Caregivers
Having To Strain During Bowel Movements
Head Bleeding At The Site Of Injury
Head May Appear Off - Centered
Head Turns To One Side
Headache - May Worsen Upon Lying Down
Headache - Severe
Headache - Severe - Lasting Several Hours
Headache - Steadily Worsens
Headaches Caused By Eye Strain
Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss In One Ear
Heart Attack
Heart Murmurs
Heart Palpitations
Heavy And Painful Periods
Height And Weight Do Not Progress Properly
High Blood Pressure
High Body Temperature
High Fasting Blood Sugar Or High Insulin
High Levels Of Insulin
Higher Self-esteem
Hoarseness Upon Waking
Hollow Cheeks
Homicidal Acts
Homicidal Thoughts
Hot Area In Breast
Hot Flashes
Humming Sound In The Ears
Hump In The Upper Back
Hunger After Vomiting - Newborn

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