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Immobility Of The Arms And Legs
Impaired Breathing
Impaired Eye Movement
Impaired Hearing
Impaired Judgment
Impaired Sense Of Smell
Impaired Sense Of Taste
Impulsive And Aggressive Behavior
Inability To Carry On Conversations
Inability To Conceive
Inability To Concentrate
Inability To Control Muscles
Inability To Impregnate Healthy, Fertile Women
Inability To Move Part Of The Body
Inability To Obtain An Erection
Inability To Properly Hold Bowel Movements
Inability To Recognize Words
Inability To Speak
Inability To Squeeze Or Make A Fist
Inability To Urinate
Inability To Walk Distances
Inappropriate Responses In Conversation
Increase In Tear Production
Increase Of Activities
Increased Appetite
Increased Bone Density
Increased Pain When Walking
Increased Photosensitivity
Increased Saliva Production
Increased Sensitivity To Pain
Increased Sensitivity To Sound
Increased Sex Drive
Increased Urination At Night
Increased Use Of Substances Such As Cigarettes, Alcohol, And Drugs
Infants May Be Slow To Sit Or Crawl
Infants May Demonstrate A Bulging Or Swelling Around The Softer Areas Of The Skull
Infections In Wounds Giving Off A Fruity Odor
Inflamed Mouth And Tongue
Inflamed Rib Location May Be Sensitive To Touch
Inflammation In The Veins
Inflammation Of The Blood Vessels
Inflammation Of The Cervix
Inflammation Of The Eyes
Inflammation Of The Male Foreskin And/or Penis Head
Inflammation Of The Mucous Membranes In The Mouth, Eyes, And Genitals.
Inflammation Of The Prostate Gland
Inflammation On The Skin
Inflammation,redness Or Irritation Of The Conjunctiva
Infrequent To No Urination - Infants
Inner Eye Bleeding And/or Bruising
Insufficient Eating
Intellectual Decline
Intense Feelings Of Guilt
Intense Stomach Pain
Intermittent Fevers
Internal Bleeding
Intestinal Bleeding
Involuntary Contraction Of Muscles
Involuntary Eye Movements
Involuntary Tilting Of The Head Right, Left, Up, Or Down
Involuntary Urination Resulting From Sudden Natural Abdominal Pressure
Irregular Heart Beat
Irregular Periods
Irritable - Infants
Irritated Vulva
Irritated, Itching Or Burning Skin
Irritation Of The Genital Area
Itchiness - Redness And Scaling On The Foot
Itchiness - Skin
Itching Around The Rectum
Itching In Ear
Itching Of The Nose
Itching Or Irritated Skin Around Anus
Itchy Eyes
Itchy Leison
Itchy Scalp

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