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Lack Of Ability To Use The Arm Without Experiencing Shoulder Pain
Lack Of Concentration
Lack Of Coordination
Lack Of Energy
Lack Of Growth Of Facial Hair In Men
Lack Of Mobility
Lack Of Motivation
Lack Of Talking
Lack Of Voice Deepening In Men
Lack Of Well-being
Language And Social Skills To Deteriorate
Language Problems
Large Appetite With Little Or No Weight Gain
Large Body Size
Leaking Cerebrospinal Fluid From The Nose
Leathery Skin
Leg Discomfort That Occurs While Sitting
Leg Pain That Occurs When Flexing Or Raising The Leg
Leg Swelling, Tenderness, Or Pain Most Commonly In The Calf Muscle
Lesions That Range From Brown To Pink In Color
Less Interactive - Infants
Less Need For Sleep
Less Urine Production
Lethargy - Infants
Light Colored Stools
Light Headedness
Light Or Pale, Whitish Stools
Limited Movement In The Joint
Lip Blisters Dry Up Quickly
Lip Pain
Little To No Breast Development In Women
Localized Red Rash (does Not Spread)
Loose And Floppy Arms
Loose And Floppy Legs
Loose, Bulky, Pale Stools
Loosening Of Teeth
Loss Of Balance
Loss Of Body Fat
Loss Of Body Temperature Control
Loss Of Bowel Or Bladder Control
Loss Of Color In The Mouth
Loss Of Consciousness
Loss Of Control Over Facial Expression
Loss Of Energy
Loss Of Hand Coordination
Loss Of Initiative
Loss Of Interest In Sex
Loss Of Movement In Arms
Loss Of Movement In Legs
Loss Of Muscle Control
Loss Of Muscle Mass
Loss Of Peripheral Vision
Loss Of Pubic Hair
Loss Of Pulse
Loss Of Range Of Motion In The Shoulder
Loss Of Sensation
Loss Of Sensation On One Side Of Face
Loss Of Sexual Desire
Loss Of Sexual Inhibition
Loss Of Temper
Loss Of Voice
Loss Underarm Hair
Low Back Pain
Low Blood Pressure
Low Blood Sugar
Low Bone Density
Low Intelligence Quotient (iq)
Low Self-esteem
Low Set Small Ears
Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain Around Your Period
Lump Behind The Knee
Lump In Any Part Of The Mouth
Lump In Breast
Lump On Eyelid
Lump Or Irritation In The Throat
Lumps May Appear Smooth, And Easily Movable
Lumps That Tend To Be Painful And Generate Heat
Lung Congestion
Lung Infections

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