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Select a symptom below to find a possible diagnosis.

Pain - Skin
Pain Above The Pubic Bone
Pain And Itching - Skin
Pain And Swelling Located Around The Fractured Area
Pain And Tenderness In The Finger
Pain And Tenderness In The Heel And Soles Of The Foot
Pain Around Eye
Pain Around Or Below The Belly Button
Pain At The Base Of The Thumb And Wrist
Pain Behind Eye
Pain Behind The Ear On One Side
Pain Below The Ribs Or Sides
Pain During Intercourse
Pain During Or Directly Following A Bowel Movement
Pain During Urination
Pain From The Neck To The Arm
Pain In Lower Abdomen
Pain In Lower Right Abdomen
Pain In The Ball Of The Foot
Pain In The Nose
Pain In The Upper Abdomen
Pain In Thigh
Pain In Upper-right Abdomen
Pain Located In The Thigh Or Groin Area
Pain Or Discomfort During Intercourse
Pain Or Dull Ache
Pain Or Sweling In Nail
Pain Or Swelling In Nail
Pain That Increases At Night
Pain That Moves From The Back Down To The Groin
Pain That Moves From The Back Down To The Lower Abdomen
Pain That Radiates From The Outside Of The Elbow To The Inside Of The Forearm And Wrist
Pain That Radiates Into The Arm
Pain When Eating And Swallowing
Pain When Extending The Wrist
Pain When Moving The Toe
Pain When Sitting
Pain While Ejaculating
Pain While Passing Stools - Infants
Pain While Standing, Walking, Or After Rising From A Long Period Of Sitting Or Lying Down
Pain, Swelling, Heat, And Redness Located At The Rear Top Region Of The Testicle
Painful Bowel Movements
Painful Ejaculation
Painful Erections
Painful Eyelid
Painful Gums
Painful Legions On Sweat Glands In Armpits
Painful Toes
Painfully Swollen Testicles
Painless Sore On Penis
Painless Sores
Pale And Slightly Blue Fingers
Pale And Slightly Blue Toes
Pale Complexion
Pale Lump In Mouth Or Tongue
Pale Skin, Nails, Gums, Or Eyes
Papules And Pustules
Papules On Backs Of The Hands
Papules On Bottoms Of The Feet
Paralysis To One Side Of The Body
Partial Loss Of Vision
Partial Paralysis
Partial Seizures
Passing Blood Instead Of Stools
Patches Commonly Appear On Both Sides Of The Nose , Cheeks, Or Jaw Line
Patches Of Skin That Are Smooth And White In Color
Patches Of Skin With Missing Skin Color
Patches On Skin Ranging From 2 To 5 Inches Across
Pelvic Pain
Pelvic Pain And Cramping Several Days Prior To Period
Pelvic Pain During Ovulation
Penis Pain
Penis Reddening
Penis Redness And Swelling
Perception Of Sound In The Ear
Periods Of Excessive Sleep
Periods Of No Sleep
Persistent Blockage In The Nose
Persistent Cough
Persistent Redness - Skin
Personality Changes
Pimples On Face Or Neck
Pink Or Light Blue Eyes
Poor Balance
Poor Complexion
Poor Coordination
Poor Feeding In Infants
Poor Hygiene
Poor Judgement
Poor Night Vision
Poor Pronunciation
Poor Reflexes - Newborn
Poor Self-esteem
Post-nasal Drip
Preoccupation With The Fear Of Having A Serious Medical Condition
Presence Of A Firm And Tender Lump Around The Anal Opening
Pressure On The Bladder
Pressure On The Rectum
Problems With Abstract Thinking
Profound Fatigue
Profuse Shaking Or Muscle Spasms
Profuse Sweating
Prolonged Rapid Heartbeat, Even While At Rest
Prolonged, Painful Erection (the Erection May Last Hours To Days)
Prone To Sunburns
Protruding Bones
Protrusions Around The Anus Or Rectum
Puffy Eyelids
Puffy Eyes
Puffy Face
Puffy Hands
Puffy Legs
Pulsing Sensation In Abdomen
Pupil Dilation
Purple Skin And Nails
Purple-black Spots On The Skin
Pus - Outer Ear
Pus And Blood Discharge From The Nose
Pus Discharge From Cyst
Pus Filled Nodular Legions Affecting The Sweat Glands
Pus Or Fluid Discharge From Within Ear
Pus-filled Blisters Around Toenail

The information contained on this site is for the sole purpose of being informative and is not and should not be used or relied upon as medical advice.
Seek the advice of your physician, nurse Or other qualified health care provider before you undergo any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a medical symptom, medical condition or medical treatment.



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