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Racing Thoughts
Raised Bumps In Genital Areas
Raised, Pus Filled, Noodle-like Areas Of Skin That Pooch Out
Raised, Red, Discoid-shaped, Scaly Patches Located On The Skin
Rapid Blinking
Rapid Breathing
Rapid Heart Beat
Rapid Or Irregular Heartbeat
Rapid Pressured Speech
Rapid Pulse
Rapid Weight Loss
Rapidly Onset Throat Pain
Rash Located On The Palms, Soles Of Feet, And Limbs
Rash (with Blisters) Located On The Hands, Feet, And Groin
Rash - Mild (commonly On The Back, Abdomen, Or Chest)
Rash Beigining As A Red Dot That Spreads Outward
Rash May Itch Or Burn
Rash Spots - Evenly Shaped, And May Appear In The Form Of Rings
Rash Worsening When Scratched
Rash Shaped In A Ring
Rash Typically Starting On The Face And Quickly Spreading
Recent Allergies Or Cold
Recession Of Hair Around The Upper Forehead And Temples
Rectal Bleeding
Rectal Discharge
Rectal Discomfort
Rectal Pain
Rectal Redness
Rectal Swelling
Rectal Throbbing Or Dull Pain
Recurrent Fever
Recurrent Respiratory Infections
Recurrent Sinus Infections
Recurrent Skin Infections
Recurrent Vomiting After Feeding - Newborn
Recurring Fever
Red And/or Thick Skin Located On The Nose Or Cheek
Red Bulbous Nose
Red Bumps On Skin
Red Gums
Red Lesions Or Lumps Located On The Shins, Ankles, Or Knees
Red Line Appearing From The Inflamed Area Extending Toward The Heart
Red Or Pink Sun Rash
Red Or Purple Skin Rash
Red Or Sore Tongue
Red Patches On Skin
Red Rash Begining Face Before Spreading To Entire Body
Red Rash On Face
Red Skin
Red Skin Rash Begins On Hands And Feet But May Spread To Other Areas Of The Body
Red Spots On The Skin
Red, Oozing, And Crusted - Skin
Red, Watery Or Irritated Eyes
Red-purple Inflammation On The White Areas Of The Eye
Reddish Brown Rash Rash May Be Scaling, Crusty, Or Have Raised Fluid-filled Lesions
Redness (near Teeth)
Redness Around The Buttocks Area
Redness In The Whites Of The Eyes
Redness Of Breast
Redness Of Nail Without Pain
Redness Of The Palms
Reduced Sense Of Smell
Reduced Skin Elasticity
Refusal To Eat Or Drink - Infants
Refusal To Walk
Refusing To Follow Instruction
Regional Twitches
Regurgitation Of Food
Repeated Hesitation To Be Away From Their Parents Or Caregivers
Repeated Jerking
Repeated Nightmares About Being Away From Their Parents Or Caregivers
Repetitious Body Movements
Repetitive Hand Motions - Resembling Washing Or Wringing
Restless Leg Syndrome
Restless Sleep
Ribs Draw Inward While Breathing
Ringing In The Ears
Roaring Sound In The Ears
Roof Of The Mouth - Itching
Rotten Taste In Mouth
Round White Spot With A Red Border Inside The Cheek, Lip, Throat Or Floor Of The Mouth
Runny Nose

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