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Sadness And Crying Spells
Sagging Skin Around The Eyes
Scabbed Area After The Blister On Lip
Scaling Skin
Scarring Of The Cornea
Scratchy Or ‘breathy’ Voice
Seizures - Infants
Semen In The Urine
Sensation Of Flashing Lights In Eyes
Sense Of Fullness Or Pain In Either One Or Both Of The Ears
Sense Of Touch May Be Diminished Or Lost
Sensitive Gums
Sensitivity To Light
Sensitivity To Sunlight
Sensitivity To The Cold
Series Of Raised Tracks On Skin, Each With A Different Shape, Size, And Pattern
Severe Distortion Of The Body
Severe Pain And Swelling Around The Bite
Severe Pain That Worsens Upon Attempting To Walk
Sexual Dysfunction
Shallow Breathing
Sharp Pain Accompanying The Passage Of A Large Or Firm Stool
Sharp Pain Between Shoulder Blades
Sharp Pains Which Emanate From The Wrists And Shoot Up The Arm
Sharp Sound From Throat And/or Mouth
Shiny - Smooth And Red – Orange Colored Tongue
Shiny Red Skin Around Joint
Shock (severe)
Short Broad Hands With Only One Crease Across The Palm
Short Stature
Short Term Memory Problems
Shortening Of The Penis
Shortness Of Breath
Shortness Of Breath During Physical Exertion
Shoulder Pain Or Discomfort
Shoulder Weakness
Shoulders May Appear Rounded
Signs Of Respiratory Illness
Sinusitis And Nasal Polyps
Skeletal Deformities
Skin - Bumps Small, Itchy And May Appear Purple Or Reddish-purple With A White Surface
Skin Becomes Blue Or White
Skin Bleeding
Skin Darkening
Skin Discoloration
Skin Discoloration On The Nose
Skin Flaking
Skin Irritation
Skin Lesions
Skin Lesions May Be Painful, Break Open, And Bleed
Skin May Appear To Be Moist Or Crusty
Skin On Foot May Crack - Peel And Bleed
Skin Over The Area Of The Mastoid Process May Appear Red, Tender, Swollen
Skin Peeling
Skin Rash (often On Cheeks)
Sleep Apnea
Sleep Deprivation
Sleep Disturbances
Sleep Followed By Frightening Or Anxiety Driven Thoughts
Slow Behavioral Development- In Children
Slow Growth Rate
Slow Heart Beat
Slow Mental Development
Slow Motor Skill Development
Slow Physical Development
Slowly Contracting Muscles
Sluggish Movement
Slurred Speech
Small Genitalia
Small Head
Small Lump Or Boil In The Outer Ear Canal
Small Muscles
Small Painless Bumps Under The Skin - Often Appear In Bony Areas Of The Affected Joints
Small Painless Lump Under The Skin
Small Papules
Small Papules Located On The Skin
Small Patches Of Skin That Are Scaly And Rose-colored
Small Quantities When Urinating
Small Red Bumps On The Neck
Small Red Bumps On The Scalp
Small Red Raised Patches With Slivery-white Scales That May Itch Or Hurt
Small Sores On Eyelid
Small To Large Red Raised Dots Around The Buttocks Area
Small Veins In The All Over The Skin
Smell Of Feces
Smooth, Pink, Red Or Purplish Patches Of Color On Skin
Social Anxiety
Social Withdrawal
Soft Or Fine Hair
Softened Cornea
Sore Areas On The Hands
Sore Lump - Mouth
Sore On Tongue
Sore Throat
Sore Under Arm
Soreness And Tenderness Around The Buttocks Area
Soreness Or Pain When Walking That Cannot Be Relieved Through Rest
Sores And Blisters Located Through The Mouth And Throat
Sores In Mouth
Sores In Nose
Sores On The Mouth And Tongue
Spasm Of The Vocal Cords
Spasm Within Diaphragm
Spasms Of The Eyelids
Spasms Of The Face
Spasms Of The Jaw
Speaking Loudly
Speech Develops Slowly
Speech Impediments
Spinning Sensation
Sporadic Hair Loss Throughout Scalp
Spread Of Nodules In A Linear Formation
Squeezing, Heaviness, Or Tightness That Can Extend To The Left Arm, Jaw, Back, Or Neck
Staggering When Walking
Stiff Back After Sitting Or Standing For Long Periods Of Time
Stiff Joints
Stiff Neck
Stiff Tongue
Stiffness Of The Arms
Stiffness Of The Jaw
Stiffness Of The Legs
Stomach Acid Surfacing Into The Mouth
Stomach Bleeding
Stomach Cramps
Stomach Discomfort
Stomach Pain
Stomach Swelling
Stools Accompanied By Red Clots
Stools That Are Loose, Watery And More Frequent Than Normal - Infants
Stooped Posture
Streaked Stains Of Blood On Underwear, Diaper, Or Toilet Paper
Stress Fractures
Stuffy Nose
Stunted Growth
Sudden And Urgent Urinating
Sudden Appearance Of Rashes, Hives, Or Other Skin Irritations
Sudden Bleeding From One Or Both Nostrils
Sudden Death
Sudden Lack Of Interest In Their Own Hobbies
Sudden Light-headedness
Sudden Loss Of Hair In Circular Patches
Sudden Onset Of Headache
Sudden Pain
Sudden Paralysis/weakness In One Side Of The Face Causing A Drooping Appearance
Sudden Skin Bleeding
Sudden Spells Of Dizziness, Weakness, Or Confusion
Sudden “heavy” Feeling In A Leg
Sudden “heavy” Feeling In An Arm
Suicidal Acts
Suicidal Thoughts
Sunken Eyes
Sunken Eyes - Infants
Sweating On Only One Side Of The Face
Swelling - Skin
Swelling And Itching Of Skin
Swelling In Face Or Genitals
Swelling Of The Face
Swelling Of The Groin Area
Swelling Of The Neck
Swelling Of The Stomach, Legs, And Feet
Swelling Of The Wrist
Swelling Or Redness Of Buttocks
Swelling Or Redness Of The Scrotum
Swelling Over Bone
Swelling, Bruising, Redness, Or Tenderness Of The Hip
Swollen Abdomen
Swollen Arms
Swollen Breast
Swollen Eyelids
Swollen Feet
Swollen Feet And Ankles
Swollen Glands
Swollen Glands In The Neck
Swollen Gums (near Teeth)
Swollen Hands
Swollen Joints
Swollen Labia
Swollen Legs
Swollen Lips
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Swollen Lymph Nodes Around The Head And Neck
Swollen Neck Veins
Swollen Nose
Swollen Sweat Glands
Swollen Tonsils
Swollen Vulva
Swollen, Rubbery, Distinct Lymph Glands

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