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Teary Eyes
Teeth Clenching
Teeth Grinding
Temporary Blindness
Temporary Hearing Loss Or Difficulties On The Infected Side
Tendency To Blush Easily
Tender Abdomen
Tender Gums - Infants
Tender Joint
Tender Kidneys
Tender Mass In Upper Right Abdomen
Tender Or Soft Gums
Tenderness At The Base Of Wrist And Thumb
Tenderness In Lower Back
Tenderness In Upper-right Abdomen
Tenderness Near Fractured Area
Tenderness Of The Groin Area
Tenderness, Redness, And Swelling Of One Area Of The Skin
Testes Can Move Up Into The Abdomen
Testicle Pain
Testicles Have Not Dropped Into Scrotum - Baby
Thick Crusty Skin After Scratching The Affected Area
Thick Hard Band Of Fibrous Tissue In One Or More Locations On The Penis
Thick Or Foamy Vaginal Discharge
Thick Skin On The Palms
Thickened Skin Over A Bony Bump Located Towards Base Of Big Toe
Thigh Pain
Thinning Hair On Head
Thoughts Of Suicide Or Death
Throat Pain Increases When Swallowing
Throbbing In The Ears
Throbbing Joint Pain
Thumb Weakness
Tickle In The Throat
Tightening Of The Muscles Legs Curled, Fists Clenched, Flexed Muscles - Baby
Tightness Or Tenderness In The Neck, Head, Or Scalp Muscles
Tingling - Burning Or Numbing Sensations - Arm
Tingling - Burning Or Numbing Sensations - Leg
Tingling In Hand
Tingling Of The Feet
Tingling Of The Fingers
Tingling Of Toes
Tingling Or Prickling Skin
Tingling Sensation In The Arms
Tingling Sensation In The Legs
Tingling Sensation In The Ring And Little Fingers
Tingling Sensation In The Toes, Feet, And Ankles
Tingling Sensations And Numbness In The Hands And Feet
Tingling- In The Lips And Tongue
Tiny Pearly White Cysts On The Face
Tiny Pearly White Cysts On The Roof Of The Mouth
Toe Pain
Toe Redness
Toe Swelling
Tooth Erosion Along The Borders Of The Gums
Tooth Loss
Tooth Pain
Tooth Sensitivity
Total Lost Of Body Hair
Trembling Or Shaking
Tremor Or Spasms In The Hands
Tremors Of Hands And Fingers
Tremors That Worsen With Rest
Twisting Of The Muscles

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