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Ulcers - Mouth
Ulcers - Skin
Ulcers Between The Teeth And On The Gums
Ulcers In The Eye
Ulcers Of The Mouth Or Throat
Unable To Close Eyelids All The Way
Uncontrollable Body Tremors
Uncontrollable Movement Of The Legs While Sleeping
Uncontrollable Tearing
Undescended Testes
Uneven Whitish Line Inside The Vagina
Uneven Whitish Line Inside The Mouth
Unexplainable Vaginal Bleeding
Unexplained Bleeding Or Bruising
Unexplained Bruising Or Blood ‘spots’ Under Skin - Newborn
Unpleasant Or Acidic Taste In Mouth
Unpleasent Taste In The Mouth
Unrealistic Plans
Unsteady Gait
Unusual Smells Or Tastes
Upset Stomach
Urethral Discharge
Urge To Have A Bowel Movement When No Stool Is Present
Urge To Move The Legs When Sitting Or Lying Down
Urgent Bowel Movement Feeling
Urgent Feeling Of Having A Bowel Movement Shortly After Eating
Urine Incontinence
Uterine Contractions
Uterine Cramps

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