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Vaginal Bleeding
Vaginal Bleeding Or Spotting Between Menstrual Periods
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal Itchiness
Vaginal Odor
Vaginal Or Rectal Tears
Vaginal Reddening
Vague Weakness
Variations In Pupil Size
Vein May Harden And Appear As A Hard, Sore, Or Tender “chord” Under The Skin
Violent Behavior
Violent Spasms Of The Throat Muscles That Severely Impair Swallowing
Visible Blood Vessels In The Surface Of The Skin
Vision Impairment
Vision Loss
Vitamin Deficiency
Vocal Tics – Humming, Grunting, Yelling, Swearing, Inappropriate Comments, Etc.
Voice Alterations
Voice Becomes Deeper
Vomit May Contain Mucus Or Blood
Vomiting - Infants
Vomiting Blood
Vomiting Following A Coughing Fit In Children
Vulval Bleeding

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