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Warm Feeling In Joint
Warming Sensations Occurring In One Centralized Area Of The Skin
Warmth In Nail
Water Retention
Watery Discharge From The Rectum
Watery Eyes
Waxy Skin
Weakness In Pelvis
Weakness In Spine
Weakness In The Forearm
Weakness In The Hands And Feet
Weakness In The Ring And Little Fingers
Weakness Of A Limb Or Body Part
Weakness Of The Arms
Weakness Of The Legs
Weakness On One Side Of The Body
Weakness Or Cramps In The Muscles (esp. During Exercise)
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
Wheals (raised Rings Of Redness With A Pale Center)
Whistling Sound In The Ears
White Discharge
White Hair
White Or Frozen Skin
White Or Gray Membrane Covering In Throat
White Or Graying Hairs On Skin
White Or Pinkish Patches Of Skin
White Or Yellow Bumps
White Spots On The Tonsils
White Thick Creamy Patches - Mouth
White, Green Or Yellowish Discharge From The Urethra
Whiteheads On Face Or Neck
Whitening Of Pupils
Whitening Of Skin - May Appear Cooked
Whitish Area In Nail
Worms In Stool
Worsened Eye Irriation From Blinking
Worsening Shortness Of Breath
Wrist Pain

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